Friday, 5 September 2008

I love Nigella

Nigella is literally my idea of the perfect wife, i was watching the repeat of her Nigella Express show on BBC 2 on Tuesday and i almost felt like taking notes!

Every little detail is thought of, like laying the table and creating quick and easy table decorations. Couldn't believe how quickly the woman can put together a 3 course meal...30 minutes for those of you who haven't seen it!

I am now begging hubby for a walk-in pantry, although in our teensy flat i think i may have to make do with one small cupboard for now.

I have her book 'How to be a domestic goddess' and have just bought Nigella Express off Amazon, so watch this space for some Nigella-esque recipes very soon....


Dee said...

I'm watching. Still watching. Haven't blinked yet. Hey, where's the recipe?

Miss Hope said...

Did you notice in the last series that the 'girl friend' in her house was a stranger standing at a bus stop later on in the programme?

It's all trickery you know!

Forties Housewife said...

Ah yes... I work in media so i know about the trickery that goes on! Still somehow managed to get lulled into the make-believe word though! I always find it hilarious that you never see her actually get on a bus, she only ever stands at the bus stop, then it pans to the next shot!!

Dee - i am making a version of some biscuits in 'How to be a domestic goddess' for my friend's birthday this weekend, so i shall post the results on Sunday xx